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In 2004, recognizing Rwanda’s focus on foreign investment in the housing business, MISTEPH Real Estate. was established by an innovative Rwandan entrepreneur, Milindi Stephen. His vision was to transform a thriving, but informal residential brokerage business into a full-scale real estate and property management enterprise that would establish a new professional standard in Rwanda.

With over thirteen years of experience in the industry, MISTEPH Real Estate. is one of the top real estate and property management companies in Rwanda. This recognition is the result of years of industry knowledge combined with a practical and unique approach, to ensure complete satisfaction for our clients. This has been and will continue to be our standard and driving motivation.

Working closely with clients, our staff leverages their extensive knowledge and experience to anticipate client needs and serve them with passion. Whether it is out in the field processing a query, or in the office managing negotiations and transactions, we deliver with the highest level of professionalism and focus on results.

Mission Statement

To be the standard in customer service and value, consistently exceeding client expectations, with a reputation for integrity and customer loyalty in Rwanda.


  • Professional: We are well-trained and love what we do.
  • Persistent: We do not rest until we meet our clients’ expectations.
  • Sensitive: We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes.
  • Prompt: We deliver on time and communicate consistently.
  • Loyal: We deliver what we promise ensuring loyal clients.
  • Transparent: We are always open and honest.

Milindi Stephen
Founder and CEO

Mr. Milindi Spetephen deals with our day to day operations and over all company management.

Phone: +250 (0) 788 304 994
E-mail: stevemilindi@mistephco.com

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Phone: +250 (0) 788 304 994
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