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Dano Jukanovich

Stephen consistently exceeds my expectations for customer service. He helped us negotiate a lease with a landlord who was out of the country and who was known to be difficult to work with. Stephen succeeded in having the owner install a new stove and pay for new patio furniture and new kitchen cabinets as part of our lease agreement. Stephen has a long-term view of customer relationships which is not the typical perspective among real estate agents here in Kigali. I highly recommend him and his company.


I have known Steve for over three years now and he has helped me to find both a car and a house, both of which were exactly what I was looking for. Steve really has been a pleasure to deal with. He is honest, hardworking, professional and excellent company. I have found him willing to advise and help after the transaction is officially over and his commission has been paid.

House hunting and buying a car can be stressful experiences, especially in a different culture, but with Steve, I always felt confident of the outcome and we even managed to have a few laughs along the way! I am happy to recommend Steve without reservation.

Mark Sudman

Steve Milindi and his associates at MISTEPH & CO., Ltd. have been a huge asset in helping me to achieve what sometimes seems to be the impossible in Kigali. Not only do they work with professionalism and efficiency they seem to know all the ins and outs of how to get things done and they are always able and willing to lend expert advise.

Whether it be assistance in finding a car, rental property or real estate, Steve and his associates will be there for you all the way through to the end and are always willing to step in to lend a hand.

Pastor James D. Schulze

I would heartily recommend MISTEPH & CO.. We have used MISTEPH & CO. to help us buy and sell several automobiles and we have recommended him to our friends. Steve and his associates take care to get a fair deal, give good advice, and stay with the deal until it is done.

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