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As a real estate and property management company, we consistently strive to add value for our owners and tenants providing services that include:

Promotion & Advertising

MISTEPH Real Estate will actively market owners’ properties to ensure visibility to the broadest base of potential customers. All real estate is “local” and we bring over a decade of extensive local connections in the business, NGO, and political communities in Rwanda. In conjunction with these connections, we professionally package owners’ properties and present them utilizing various market mediums including targeted direct mail, telesales strategies and a sophisticated website offering. We work in full partnership with property owners, to ensure the best possible result for our clients.


MISTEPH Real Estate has the capacity and resources required to provide individuals, businesses and other institutions with the property that is best suited to their practical and financial needs. Two additional value-added services provided by MISTEPH Real Estate are precision mapping and client transportation. Our team will manage transporting clients from any location in Kigali to view and evaluate properties. Our expertise with GPS technology ensures we make efficient use of clients’ time and deliver them to precise locations they are evaluating.

Rental and Sales Management

Upon selection of the property that best meets customer requirements, we take the client to our office where we provide a comfortable and professional setting for contract negotiations. At this stage we will enter into legal binding with the buyer, seller, lessor or owner as appropriate for the client scenario.


Effective negotiations require knowledge and integrity. MISTEPH Real Estate exemplifies both of these key attributes. We have broad and deep experience negotiating all aspects of real estate transactions and we are committed to protecting and advancing the interests of our clients. Our aim is to leave our clients confident that they have received great value both throughout the process and long after the transaction is final.

Maintenance and Support

MISTEPH Real Estate takes on the owners’ burden of the day-to-day property management concerns, from bookkeeping, to maintenance, to finding new tenants, to dealing with problems that may arise. MISTEPH Real Estate meets all tenants’ needs to have a competitively priced, clean, safe, accessible environment for living or the conduct of business. MISTEPH Real Estate’s property management services are highly valued by our customers for our prompt support ( e.g. electrical, technical, plumbing and engineering) and value-added post-rental services (e.g. electricity supply, vehicle procurement.) We regularly conduct a thorough property inspection both inside and outside to ensure that the property is being properly maintained.

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