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MISTEPH Real Estate provides a full array of property management services to include consulting, leasing, acquisition, sales and marketing. We assess clients’ complete real estate portfolios from both a strategic and practical perspective. We are a commercial real estate partner with a deep knowledge of the local market, and a broad capacity to bring industry leading tools and relationships to bear to maximize your return on investment. Our structure enables MISTEPH Real Estate to offer clients the flexible, customized services they need with the highest level of professionalism. Through senior level direction, we provide exceptional personnel to respond to our client needs of maximizing the value of each real estate investment.


Whether we are managing affordable communities for non-resident owners or high-end properties for financial institutions or entrepreneurs, we prove our value every day by treating the employees, residents, and clients with the honesty, fairness and respect they deserve. The ability to properly position a property for success involves understanding asset positioning, market data, rental structure and expense control. Timely and reliable market and financial data, will allow for prompt and factually supported decisions

Our Business Intelligence processes provide our clients synthesized information in a clear and concise format allowing them to make decisions that ensure maximum return on investment. We analyze all aspects of the solution from projected costs by line item to potential zoning changes. Delivering thorough due diligence for our clients ensures they are in the strongest possible negotiating position to avoid issues later in the process.


We have a network of relationships both in Kigali, Rwanda and internationally that is built on a history of demonstrated expertise, integrity and reliability.


The goal of our Property Management services is always to generate consistent cash flow for our clients. Understanding the effect that professional facility management has on the profitability and balance sheet performance of your business is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it is Tenant Improvements or Real Estate Law, MISTEPH Real Estate is the trusted partner for leading projects, sourcing relevant experts, or simply analyzing alternatives and providing recommendations. With twenty years of demonstrated success in Rwanda and East Africa, we have the on-the-ground experience and to the right network of experts to complete our clients’ projects.

We guarantee a solution that will meet or exceed clients’ goals, and promise our commitment to work diligently until we find that solution.

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